Corrosion of support structures in carbon steel

Many of our customers are still working today with aging vessels, some of them are more than 50 years-old. At that time, support structures of tanks were made of carbon steel, as stainless steel was used for parts with food contact.

After several working years, these structures are in an advanced state of corrosion.
This is mainly due to a chemical aggression on the part of flows or CIP solutions vapours (acid and soda), which run off or stagnate in the facilities where tanks are stored. These flows are progressively nibbling the steel, until making it totally denatured, causing material flaking.
In this situation the risk is effective, since the corroded vessel can fall,  cave in at any time and cause bodily injuries, economic damage, and significant equipment damages for operating company.

If you have any doubt about the integrity of your vessel support structures, please don’t hesitate to ask our teams, firstly they will carry out a control and diagnosis of concerned equipment, and then they will suggest solutions to repair or adapt it, taking into account your constraints.

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