Fitting of a bucket with descent rescue system on a gangway

Fitting of descent rescue system on gangway

In the pursuit of our partnership with 3M – IPE supplier, one of our customers working in chemical area asked us to fit a bucket with descent rescue system on a gangway. We modelized and manufactured the adjustment flushing decking, which included the certified base. Then our technicians fitted it in front of the tank and equipped it with the bucket. To finalise the intervention, they went down into the tank as a trial. Moreover a complete technical file including a calculation note / finished elements was given to the customer. This system will be extended to the surrounding tanks quite soon.

This version for gangways completes our existing range: fixing on top, wall… A growing number of customers from various areas call us to fit this system which makes easier the descent of people in tanks and most important, helps to lift them up in case of an emergency.

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