GEPS Services carries out an emergency intervention to avoid tanks subsidence

Renforcement virole cuve

In November last year, one of our customers asked us a quotation to carry out an audit of 8 storage tanks, with capacities 100, 150 and 200 m3.

This audit was done in February and revealed  a lot of non compliances. 3 tanks were particularly concerned and presented a subsidence risk.
So a meeting was immediately organised with the general management to schedule repair works, in order to put these tanks back into operation as soon as possible, as they represented a 500 m3 production potential.

Today the 1st tank is working at new. For the second one, the concrete base has to be analysed. The 3rd one was provisionnally repaired to make it safe, additional controls will be necessary (metallurgical samplings), to evaluate their real condition (wearing) and decide if repair works will be continued or if the tank should be replaced by a new one.
This situation made our customer aware that it is interesting to carry out a yearly audit, in order to know exactly the condition of his whole tanks.

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