GEPS Services upgraded mixing systems in Lithuania

2 of our technicians spent nearly 3 weeks fitting new stirring systems on 2 crystallization vessels, at a Lithuanian dairy plant.
Indeed, this customer had recently purchased GOAVEC branded crystallization tanks, and as he was really satisfied with the result, as far as mixing and crystals quality were concerned, he wanted to get the same result with existing crystallizers (from another brand), by fitting the same kind of agitator.
Several modifications, previously studied with our R&D enginer, were carried out on the tanks to comply with the new design (particularly the adding of retractable nozzles to clean the blades).
On the picture above, you can see on the left the original mixing system, and on the right the new one fitted by our GEPS Services technicians (including threebladed propellers, baffles and retractable nozzles on the wall).
The quality met customer’s expectations, that’s why he recently placed an order to upgrade 3 other crystallization tanks.

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