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Are you aware of the condition of your equipment?
Do they still meet your Safety and Quality objectives?

Our GEPS Services team can help you to answer these questions by offering a diagnosis of your tanks or process installations (of all brands) on site.

Your equipment is made of stainless material, but it does not guarantee that it is durable. Indeed, it is subject to mechanical, thermic and chemical constraints, so it is useful, not to say essential, to define its real condition after several working years, before it is declared out-of-service because it cannot produce or is considered to be dangerous while working.

Your priority goal is securing your equipment

Deficiencies grow over the working years. They can lead to the distortion or the collapse of equipment, that could jeopardize the safety of goods and people.

  • geps-services-remplacement-tank-inox
    Corrosion on carbon steel support

Thanks to its knowledge and more than 25 years experience, and on the basis of a diagnosis report written by our technicians or controllers, GEPS Services team  can assess technically and economically the possible improvements that can be made to your equipment.

The diagnoses enable you to anticipate and reduce the following risks:

  • Distortion due to vacuum inside the tank

    Distortion due to vacuum inside the tank

  • Tank collapse

    Tank collapse

  • Damaged base

    Damaged base

  • Non-compliant boss welding

    Non-compliant boss welding

  • Plugged securing venthole

    Plugged securing venthole

  • Distortion of of tank external wall

    Distortion of of tank external wall

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