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Obsolescence inspections

After 10 years working, your tanks and process installations will require a more frequent follow-up of their maintenance.

Sometimes some components are no longer marketed, and it can be impossible for you to supply and consequently replace the wearing parts.

In order to help you not suffering this kind of consequences, and to maintain your Safety, Quality and Productivity objectives, even for old facilities, GEPS Services meet your needs by providing a customised quotation for an obsolescence inspection of your tanks and installations of all brands.

The objective of the obsolescence inspection is to make sure that it is still possible to replace the wearing parts on the various components integrated in your  installations.

Step 1

On site, each component is recorded, taking into account its brand, reference and serial number.

Step 2

With the different suppliers, we  define the expected market life of the components and their wearing parts. 

Obsolescence inspection, component recording

Step 3

Regarding the components which are no longer marketed, we study with the different suppliers how they can be replaced like for like, failing which we study how to adapt your equipment.

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