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Preventive Maintenance

It is really necessary to carry out a preventive maintenance on your equipment and installations. It allows you :

  • To extend their service life,
  • To optimise and coordinate the maintenance and production schedules,
  • To increase productivity,
  • To ensure their working way and the safety of staff and materials,
  • To ensure the quality of your products,
  • To avoid curative maintenance which is expensive and causes delays,

In order to help you to achieve these goals, GEPS Services meet your needs by providing a customised offer  for the preventive maintenance of your equipment and installations of all brands.

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    GEPS Services, preventive maintenance of your equipment and installations of all brands.

Diagnosis  and preventive maintenance visit, while your equipment and installation are  in operation.

This visit or diagnosis is made jointly by GEPS Services technicians and the operators according to a timetable agreed between them (for example every 6 months).

The aim is to define the condition of the different devices in order to anticipate the parts availability and schedule the actions of preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

During a scheduled production schutdown, when the installation has been out of use,  stopped and secured,  GEPS Services technicians  replace the wearing parts on each piece of equipment in your installation and carry out the actions which were defined at  the time of the preventive visits.

Each piece of equipment is dismantled and our technicians carry out additional checks  which inform you about the condition of the parts other than the wearing ones, and  allow to evaluate the parts which will have  to be replaced later.

The wear rates for the replaced parts is analysed. The aim is to optimise their replacement frequency and adjust it according to their actual working conditions.

A quotation including the parts replaced and taken from your stock is sent to you at the end of maintenance operation to allow restocking.

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