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Upgrading, revamping and modernisation

Upgrading / Revamping / Modernisation

After a diagnosis, an obsolescence inspection, and then a feasibility study, GEPS Services offers its knowledge regarding the ugrading and modernisation of your existing tanks and process installations, regardless of their brands.

As new investments are not always easy according to the economic context, the upgrading, revamping or modernisation of your equipment is a solution which allows you to give them added value as far as their utilization and reliability are concerned.

From a financial viewpoint, it is interesting to recover tanks or process installations that are bought second-hand or which come from another site.

But are you sure that these devices meet your requirements in terms of safety, quality and production?

Thanks to its knowledge and more than 25 years of experience,
 GEPS Services team can answer your questions by offering adapted solutions.

Fitting of a stirring system

Fitting of a stirring system
  • geps-services-ajout agitation-tank-inox
    Adding of a pendulum stirring system on a tank

This work is mainly carried out on site. It requires to take into account the equipment environment to implement the means regarding safety, handling, organisation, equipment availibility, together with the customer…

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