Upgrading of a platform and electrical cabinet manufactured in 1995

This small platform was delivered by our customer to our workshops in order to carry out a complete upgrading, and for that, several jobs were required, particularly the electrician.
As you can see on the photos “before/after”, several buttons were added on the electrical cabinet front, as well as digital screens, to make easier the parameters reading. The cabinet itself was wired and reorganised in order to optimise the space and improve feature.
Previous technologies were replaced by latest devices: motor starts, contactors, SCHNEIDER branded relays, PILZ branded safety relays, speed controllers (SCHNEIDER ATV320 mode), dTRON regulators and JUMO/DiraView branded displays on front.
Our customer appreciated its platform complete revamping, and he was given a function description.
If you have some expectations in this area, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service, they will deal your requests with our electricity/automation specialists. Then you will get a concrete soluiton, regarding technical possibilities, price and intervention time. They can also answer your questions, give you some recommendation and direct you, technically speaking, as a first step.

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