Upgrading of tanks in USA and Australia

In September, our technicians worked in a US dairy plant, to carry out maintenance on 4 vessels and upgrade 3 other ones, manufactured in 2011, that customer needed to integrate in a new process.

Our technicans had taken the opportunity, during a previous intervention in this plant, to check those vessels and prepare a report. Then the different works were quoted, purchased and the supply and manufacturing of the parts were done in a short time in the summer, to respect as closely as possible the dates which were scheduled by the customer.

The tanks in horizontal position were placed in a vertical position and anchored to the floor, the different accessories were upgraded when necessary, and the maintenance was carried out on the other ones.

The customer was really satisfied, so our technicians flew to Australia were another tank had been shipped by sea from USA a few weeks earlier, and did the same kind of works.

If you also have such new projects, need to manufacture new products, which require to upgrade old vessels, don’t hesitate to ask us about the operations feasibility and how to adapt your existing tanks.

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