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Descent/rescue system

New standards are now applied regarding staff safety, and in order to make your installations compliant with these standards, we offer the fitting of a complete evacuation and rescue device, which insures a maximum safety, as far as an intervention has to be carried out in a confined space.

GEPS Services innovates in safety field

GEPS Services together with its partners specialized in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) takes this initiative and innovates in safety field; according to your needs and expectations, we are able to offer the best technical solutions, to anchor the brackets on new tanks as well as in revamping operations.

Tanks surroundings are taken into account and the solutions that we offer allow to adapt to any situation. For each installation, we study the feasibility with our design office. As safety is a priority, GEPS Services commits to accompany and guide you in making your choices.

Brackets have an adjustable offsetting, they are designed by our partners who are specialised in fall-prevention equipment, rescue and access in confined space.

Their ISO 9001-2000 certifications guarantee the equipment reliability and performance. Their anchorage equipment are in compliance with safety standards, including European directive 86/696/EEC and European standard EN795.

Additionnally to the bracket supply, the many PPE (personal protective equipment) which are offered are also in compliance with EN applicable standards.



  • EN12841/C    Rope access systems: emergency device
  • EN 341            Descender device
  • EN 353-1  Guided-type fall arrester including a rigid anchor line
  • EN 353-2  Guided-type fall arrester including a flexible anchor line
  • EN 354            Lanyards
  • EN 355            Energy absorbers
  • EN 358         Work positioning device
  • EN 360  Automatic fall protection device
  • EN 62           Connectors
  • EN 795(b)  Anchorage devices - class B
  • EN 813        Sit harness
  • EN 363        Fall arrest systems

We are at your disposal to schedule a visit with our PPE partner, so that we can offer the technical solutions which will meet your safety requests.

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