Securing of descent inside 6 stainless steel vessels

Aménagement d'embase affleurante sur passerelle et installation de la potence de sécurité

Please discover hereunder a testimony, coming from one of our customers who makes part of dairy area. He consulted GEPS Services about a safety issue. This type of modification can be offered in many other scopes.  

What did you need?

We needed to secure our interventions into confined space, for descents with material and technicians rising or rescue. For that, we wanted to consult professionals from this area, people who have the knowledge to answer our request.

Why did you choose GEPS Services?

We chose GEPS Services due to their know-how, and because they have now several years of experience in this field. Their knowledges in tanks and fitting of secure equipment were an extra motivation for us. Their partnership with 3M, security specialist, was also positive.

Which solution was found?

First of wall, we were accompanied on the whole project. From needs definition to works reception, through the study.
For this project we had two different requests:

  • First one: modification of an existing gangway to include a 3M safety device.
  • Second one: supply of whole unit including gangway and stairs, and also 3M safety device.

Did you face some difficulties?

The main difficulty that we faced was regarding the time between drawings validation and the intervention in our workshops. This short time has not allowed us to organise ourselves in an optimal manner. However it reflects the efficiency and responsiveness of GEPS Services. Finally the intervention worked well and we found a common ground.

Today what are the benefits?

Thanks to GEPS works, our interventions into tanks are now secure. We’ve been accompanied for protocols and trained. This is an important advantage, since we did not allow ourselves the descent in vessel, which is something very limiting in food area.

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